Disinfectants EXAdez

EXAdez - efficiently, clean, great!

The problem of cleanliness and disinfection troubled the mankind immemorial times. What is not surprising when we remember how many lives robbed epidemic which was caused by exactly the lack of proper hygiene and cleanliness.

With the discovery of microorganisms as vectors of disease development production of hygiene began to develop rapidly. It was a real breakthrough that allowed to save millions of lives without any exagerration.

But over time, there was another problem. All hitherto known disinfectants are chemically active. In addition to the benefits that can not be denied that these means carry a lot of side effects, which also have an adverse impact on our health, and sometimes - direct danger. It is not surprising that the work of most disinfectants requires the use of personal protective equipment, subsequent thorough washing of machined surfaces and long ventilation in order to clean the air of harmful impurities.

The question of creating such means ruthless to the bacteria, but friendly to us" has long demanded a solution. Came to the aid of high technology. Today we are pleased to introduce you to a new generation of disinfectant - EXAdez!

"EXAdez" is electrochemically - activated solution , highly disinfectant new generation , combining a high disinfecting , sterilizing and deodorizing efficiency and environmental safety .

Clinical trials confirmed that the solution EXAdez has a universal antimicrobial action. It effectively fights against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including pathogens of nosocomial infections, anaerobic infections, Mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses (including poliovirus, influenza viruses, enteroviruses, rotavirus , polio viruses , herpes viruses , hepatitis viruses and HIV/AIDS) fungi of the genus Candida, dermatophyte infections , fungi and spores.

This product does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergic reactions, no adverse effects on the human body and animals.

Mean is convenient and easy in use, does not require the use of personal protective equipment, subsequent washing of machined surfaces and room ventilation.

The above mentioned advantages of EXAdez cause a wide spectrum of its application. EXAdez can be applied successfully and without restrictions:

- in medicine;

- in agriculture and veterinary medicine ;

- in the food industry ;

- in catering establishments;

- in public services ( including sewage treatment );

- transport (water, public, rail, aviation, subway);

- at home.

In the household through a unique combination of properties mean EXAdez can become truly indispensable:

- for disinfection and cleaning of different surfaces (hard furniture, floors, carpet , tile, kitchen utensils, garbage cans, shoes, toys, etc.):

- for disinfection of objects pet care;

- for disinfection of air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers;

- For disinfecting and deodorizing in the car;

- For disinfection of air during the epidemic of influenza and SARS, as well as eliminate odors atomization method .

Disinfectant properties of EXAdez are confirmed by numerous studies and practical testing in Ukraine and abroad, as recorded in the scientific findings and publications.

EXAdez – guarantee of safe and effective disinfection in all conditions.

EXAdez - purity without consequences.

Note: During the processing by "EXAdez" a slight odor of chlorine may be present, which is the result of electrochemical reaction. The smell disappears after 1-3 minutes.

Expiration date of "EXAdez" comprisese 6 months.

Certificate of state registration № 05.03.02-08/442 dated 01.02.2013;

The state sanitary - epidemiological expertise conclusion № 05.03.02-04/1660 dated 18.01.2013.